Experience #1: Hire the Right People

It pays to hire a professional. I knew the web development firm I hired wouldn’t come cheap, but I also knew the results they achieved would far outstrip the savings of going it alone.

I enjoy doing graphic design and building my own websites. But it always took a tonne of time – and the results were pretty marginal.

My experience was not dissimilar to the path that non-profits take when they need to raise money. Eager to exploit the potential in the charitable marketplace, but lacking the skills or capacity to do a ‘proper’ job, they hire a long-time volunteer, recent university graduate, or – sadly, in many cases – their Board member’s cousin.

We all know how that story turns out. Like a lot of things, fundraising is not as easy as it looks. To be successful requires specialized skills, understanding and active, hands-on management. That’s where experience and a track record of success really count.

Take my brand-new website as an example. I knew the web-development firm I hired wouldn’t come cheap. But I also knew the results they achieved would far outstrip the savings, if I’d decided to go it alone.

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